Advance your Career with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Union Institute & University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an online, 12-month degree program that prepares mid-level managers to advance in their careers.

“The Master’s in Organizational Leadership is designed to train current and emerging managers to be viable leaders. Companies and organizations need managers that are data-driven decision makers and results-oriented, as well as relational leaders,” said Dr. William Lax, Union Institute & University MSOL Program Director. “Today’s economy is complex and challenging. The MSOL prepares you to become a leader in a diverse and intercultural world, confront challenging organizational situations, understand the economic, political, and social factors creating them, and collaboratively devise advanced, equitable, and sustainable solutions.”

Mid-level managers will develop systemic and integrative thinking skills, increase their cultural competency and social justice awareness, and refine their practical leadership skills, including collaborative management, communication, discernment, problem-solving, decision making, and innovation while applying learning and development to a particular context.

As part of the degree program students draw upon their real world experiences, develop a foundation in ethics and justice and expand their professional networks. The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an online, 12 month, 3 semester program, with a part-time (16 month) option available. A GRE or GMAT is not required.

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“The program is tailor made for the working professional and offers flexibility to accommodate an inflexible work schedule. I feel that my degree will open doors for me because of the professional and respected name that Union Institute & University carries.”

Current Student and Police Sergeant

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“The MSOL degree program at Union provided the opportunity to gain new skills within the business leadership field and apply them in my current job. It was fast-paced and I was excited to be finished in one year. I now have a master’s degree that supports my career goals.”

– Emily
2014 Graduate and
Higher Education Professional

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“I increased my base salary by 40% and bonuses by 50%. I also began a new career. I was in a dying industry and I am now working as an IT Project Manager focusing on solutions and services. My boss feels that my expertise from this degree will add value to our everyday operations. This is only the beginning for me and the success that I have been able to achieve because of Union.”

Current Student and IT Project Manager