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What Does Your Personality Say About You?

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What Does Your Personality Say About You? Find out by using the Enneagram assessment tool, an online course offered through the Union Institute & University’s Continuing Education program in partnership with

Taught by renowned authors and psychologists Helen Palmer and Marlene Cresci-Cohen, the tool is described this way. “With a history of centuries, the Enneagram is arguably the oldest human development system on the planet. During the past decade, the system has undergone a renewal of scholarly attention within the context of current personality typologies. The result is a reliable integration of psychological insight about human differences, set alongside a non-sectarian body of spiritual practice that relaxes inner resistance while encouraging inner receptivity.

The word enneagram means a graph of nine. Each of the nine Enneagram personality profiles has a distinct, well-developed coping strategy for relating to self, others and the environment. In addition, each of the nine types has its own precise path to psychological and spiritual freedom, the key being compassionate and guided self-observation.”

In the Q&A below, Kath Gilliam, Managing Partner of Helen Palmer, Inc., provides in-depth answers on how the Enneagram improves relationships.

Q. Why do you recommend this course?

A. The reason I recommend this e-course is that the Enneagram, more than any other personality typology system, goes beyond surface categorizations of behavior all the way into our individual “inner dynamics.” So what is meant by “inner dynamics”? Simply defined, it means how we are to ourselves, including our habitual focus of attention, our emotional and psychological reactivity patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, especially under stress, and the view screen by which we experience our particular sector of the world. Put more succinctly, the nine types that comprise the Enneagram system allow ourselves to be understood by others as we are to ourselves, not as they think we are, but as we actually are to ourselves. Correctly identifying our typology, and then learning the content of that typology informs our relationships with ourselves and others in the most profound and life transforming ways. Helen Palmer, as the world’s leading expert on the Enneagram provides all such knowledge in the most user-friendly e-course. Team-taught with Marlene Creci-Cohen, PhD., students will not only discover their individual type, but will be properly oriented/educated as to the most effective and compassionate use of this unique information for the benefit of all they interact with, including a much healthier self-regard. Family and work relationships will improve as a result.

Q. What is the goal of the ecourse?

A. The goal of the Enneagram course is to accurately and compassionately present the nine-pointed Enneagram system to students keen on improving their interpersonal skills and self-knowledge both in love and work.

Q. What do you want people to know about this course that they may not know?

A. More than theory, the Enneagram course offers the student immediate access to and application of the information offered. It does so by allowing the student to recognize their type in ways that are verified by their lived experience. Perhaps most important, the student will learn that improvement of any relationship is an “inside job. In other words, the way to improve any relationship is by working on yourself and not the “other”. The Enneagram, more than any other typology, equips the person to do just that by offering customized skills and insights to guide self-development. In short, this course could be a life-changing experience for anyone interested in living a fuller, more meaningful life, including improved relationships.

Union Institute & University is co-sponsor of this training in partnership with

Donna Gruber, Dean, Professional Studies and Continuing Education, noted, “UI&U is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The course is ideal for psychologists, counselors and others in the counseling fields that need continuing education credits. To date over 160 students have earned continuing education credits through this partnership.”

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“UI&U Gives Back” In Honor of Founder’s Day

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Founder’s Day is a time to share the Union mission that engagement, enlightenment, and empowerment transforms lives and communities. UI&U employees shared that message by volunteering in their communities on April 5. Staff demonstrated that Union’s mission is alive and well, 54 years after its founding. Happy Founder’s Day!

Baked with love – The Los Angeles Academic Center staff volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House. Staff members baked with the children and brought cheer to the families who call the house home while their critically ill children and siblings are in area hospitals. That is a great way to transform a community.

Park beautification – The Florida Academic Center employees were hard at work keeping Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park beautiful and inviting by picking up trash and sprucing up the recreational areas. This effort will help to transform the 138.6-acre urban park just in time for Earth Week.

Clean the path – The Sacramento Academic Center took on the dirty job of cleaning paths. What a great way to transform the landscape and increase enjoyment for all, especially joggers and walkers.

Bridge the gap between students in need and education – The Cincinnati Academic Staff transformed their community by sorting donations at Crayons to Computers. The nonprofit provides a Teacher Free Store and Mobile Outreach Program for teachers and students to receive free materials such as books, crayons, paper, scissors, and pencils, as well as enrichment and incentive items that teachers can use to motivate and inspire student engagement.

We are proud to be Union employees and share the mission to transform lives and communities.

Today is the day to be part of the Union legacy and choose your career path.

National Library Week – Union Leaders Spotlight on Dr. David Axelrod

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David B. Axelrod

Union Institute & University’s historical commitment to ethical and creative leadership and the insights gained over the past 50 years as a leader in adult learning is the inspiration for the monthly series, Union Leaders.

In recognition of National Library week, April 8-14, 2018, we are featuring the leadership insights of alumni Dr. David Axelrod, (Ph.D. 1997) an award-winning poet, professor, and author.

He launched two organizations to enhance happiness and health through the promotion of the writing arts. In 1976 he founded Writers Unlimited as part of his Union Ph.D. writing project, to teach creative writing, poetry and journalism, promote the arts, publish, and provide communication services. Writers Unlimited has given hundreds of authors the opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the world.

His second nonprofit is Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. CHI is dedicated to enhance the quality of life through creative programs and services with the theme, “Be creative, be well.” This organization has allowed him to shepherd young writers with funding opportunities.

In the forty years since completing his Ph.D. he has published twenty-three books. His latest is All Vows: New & Selected Poems that include poems from his creative writing projects at Union and his first book published in 1968.

Dr. Axelrod is the recipient of numerous poetry prizes, and three separate Fulbright Awards. He was the first official Poet-in-Residence in the People’s Republic of China. He was Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, New York and is currently Poet Laureate of Volusia County, Florida.

Learn how Dr. Axelrod has used his Union degree to lead and transform lives and communities in the Q&A below.

Q. How do you define leadership?

A. A leader’s duty is to help his community to make life happier and healthier. Whether I have been elected to a leadership position or established a group where I am the director, I’ve considered it my duty to facilitate the projects people want to do. I don’t want to tell people what to do. I want to enable them.

Q. Share an example of how you’ve put leadership in action.

A. I thank UI&U for giving me the skills I have used to put leadership into action for the last 41 years since I was granted my Ph.D. My leadership skills have allowed me to launch two nonprofit organizations to enhance health and happiness through the promotion of the writing arts and alternative healing programs that incorporates the cultural activities.

First, in 1976, I founded Writers Unlimited Agency, Inc. (WU) as part of my Union Ph.D. project, to demonstrate excellence. WU teaches creative writing, poetry and journalism; publishes an alternative press; and acts as a nonprofit literary agency. WU has given hundreds of authors the opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the world.

My second nonprofit, Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. (CHI) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through creative programs with an emphasis on writing. We also join with other arts groups to present cultural events. Our motto is: “Be creative, be well.” CHI has allowed me to shepherd young writers to publication with government, corporate and private funding.

Q. What leader do you admire most and why?

A. I am especially fond of leaders who are not thought of as leaders in the traditional sense. For example, my wife is someone I admire greatly. After she retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and moved to Florida, she became part of the Long-term-Care Ombudsman program that inspects nursing homes for the state of Florida. She is a leading example of how a person should serve the community.

The mayor of my community, Daytona Beach, is a very good leader. I admire Derek Henry’s ability to step back from contention and listen to many views. Instead of working along a specific party affiliation, he is interested in the good of the community.

Once a year CHI gives an award to a community volunteer whose efforts are rarely singled out for his or her actions to make our area a better place to live. It is a joy to recognize someone who doesn’t crave attention for good deeds but does so much for everyone.

Q. What is your favorite inspiring leadership quote?

A. I will share three with you. First, “Do no harm,” which reminds me not to impose my will on others. Second, the African proverb, “When an old person dies, a library burns to the ground.” It reminds us to consider how much value there is to every life. Third, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” People are only as moral as their courage allows, and we need to be reminded to speak truth to power.

Q. When did you first feel that you were a leader? What was the experience?

A. I’m glad to take the lead and see projects get done. I find I have little patience for groups that meet once a month because they haven’t met for a month, and less patience for work that requires many committee meetings. Let me take on a task and I’ll get it done, reporting back to reassure a group that things are proper. That’s how I work; that and helping others do do what they think is needed.

About Dr. David B. Axelrod

Dr. Axelrod is a 1977 graduate of Union Institute & University with a Ph.D. in Nonprofit Writing Program Design and Administration. He is an award-winning poet, professor, and author. In the forty years since completing his Ph.D. he has had twenty-three books published. His latest is All Vows: New & Selected Poems that include poems from his creative writing projects at Union and his first book published in 1968.

Dr. Axelrod credits Union with the skills to succeed. Of Union, Dr. Axelrod says, “When I met Leo McLaughlin, former president of Fordham University, at my first Union seminar he refused to be my Ph.D. committee chairperson until I fully understood that my studies would be only in the subject matter that I chose. I had been in three previous doctoral programs but none was right for me until he allowed me to excel.”

Dr. Axelrod is the recipient of numerous poetry prizes, and three separate Fulbright Awards. He was the first official Poet-in-Residence in the People’s Republic of China. He was Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, New York and is currently Poet Laureate of Volusia County, Florida.

Poet and editor, X.J. Kennedy calls him “one of the finest and most original poets now writing. Peter Meinke, current Poet Laureate of Florida, deems him, “approachable, wise, and witty. The New York Times once wrote that his performances were “a treat.”

As principle author and editor of Merlin Stone Remembered (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2014), a critical biography about the pioneer women’s rights artist and author, he won a Gold Medal from the Florida Book Awards for the best non-fiction book of the year, and a first place for the best biography from the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Awards.

Dr. Axelrod lives in Dayton Beach, Florida with his wife, Sandy Martin. He is vice president of Writers Unlimited, the nonprofit he founded to help writers. He is also founder and director of Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. a nonprofit educational group that encourages wellness through creative writing and arts program. To learn more about these organizations, visit Writers Unlimited, Creative Happiness Institute, and Poetry Doctor.

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National Library Week Shines On Alumni Authors

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Welcome to National Library week, April 8-14, 2018 at UI&U! This year’s theme from the American Library Association is “Libraries Lead.” We’ve put our own twist on the theme with “Libraries Lead” To A Union Degree.

“Libraries Lead” To A Union Degree is the perfect time to highlight the many authors in the Union community. If you have published a book and your name isn’t listed below, be sure and complete the “Share Your Story With Union” form to catch us up to date.

Elizabeth Aiossa, Ph.D. 2015: Author of The Subversive Zombie: Social Protest and Gender in Undead Cinema and Television, is now available from McFarland & Company and Amazon.

David B. Axelrod, Ph.D. 1997: In the forty years since completing his Union Ph.D. he has had twenty-three books published. His latest is All Vows: New & Selected Poems a collection of poems from his creative writing projects at Union and his first book published in 1968. Dr. Axelrod is the recipient of numerous poetry prizes, and three separate Fulbright Awards. He was the first official Poet-in-Residence in the People’s Republic of China, Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, New York and is currently Poet Laureate of Volusia County, Florida.

Barrymore A. Bogues, B.A. 1989: Florida Center: Chair of the Africana Studies Department at Brown University, Bogues earned a Ph.D. at the University of the West Indies, where he taught courses in radical political theory. Black Heretics, Black Prophets: Radical Political Intellectuals (Routledge, 2003) examines the political thought of influential black thinkers in the radical tradition. Figures include the slave Cugoano, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, C.L.R. James, and W.E.B. DuBois.

Rita Mae Brown, Ph.D. 1976: Best-selling author of Rubyfruit Jungle; Alma Mater; Six of One; Southern Discomfort; Outfoxed; Loose Lips; and the Sneaky Pie Brown series.

Rosemary Ellsworth Brown, Ph.D. 1993: Dr. Brown is a psychologist and author of Addiction is the Symptom Heal the Cause and Prevent Relapse with 12 Steps That Really Work.

Joseph Bruchac, Ph.D. 1975: Considered a seminal presence in Native American literature. Award winning storyteller, founder of Greenfield Press publisher for authors from under published ethnic groups; entire family works to preserve the Abenaki culture and traditional skills, language and linguistics, also performing traditional and contemporary Abenaki music.

Gary J. Buehler, Ph.D. 1989: Author of An American Story. Available through Amazon.

Terriel Byrd, Ph.D. 1999: Author of By This Shall We Be Known: Interpreting the Voice, Vision and Message of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Byrd immerses the reader in Dr. King’s work and interprets his message to relevant problems facing society today.

Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D. 2002: Founder of the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City in 1977, author of four books, including The Natural Gourmet (Ballantine Books, 1989, 1991), first runner-up prize in the IACP/Seagram national cookbook awards in 1989; Food and Healing (Ballantine Books, 1986), translated into Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Chinese and reissued in a 10th Anniversary edition in 1996; and Food and Our Bones: How to Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally (Dutton, 1998).

Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. 1990: Sought-after motivational speaker and author of Executive EQ and coauthor with Leslie L. Cooper, Low-Fat Living: Skillpower Not Willpower (Rodale Press, 1996), “highly recommended” by Dean Ornish, M.D.

Louise Diamond, Ph.D. 1990: The Courage for Peace: Daring to Create Harmony in Ourselves and the World (Conari Press, 2000), co-founder and president emeritus of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy; her new organization, Peace-Tech, will provide tools that empower people to work for a culture of peace in their lives and in the world.

Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. 1976: Interviewed by Morley Safer on 60 Minutes January 12, 2003. Bestselling author of the books, Age Wave, Bodymind, and Age Power: How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the New Old, Dychtwald is the founding president of Age Wave, LLC, a firm created to guide Fortune 500 companies and government groups in product/service development for baby boomers and mature adults.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. 1981: Best-selling author of Women Who Run With the Wolves; and The Faithful Gardner; social activist, Jungian psychologist, cantadora (storyteller) in the Latin tradition, post-traumas specialist, and educator-in-residence at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Tom Fleischner, Ph.D. 1980: Edited a new anthology– Nature, Love, Medicine: Essays On Wildness and Wellness. He is Executive Director, Natural History Institute.

Keith Grant, Ph.D.1995: Four articles published in Journal of Business and Technology. The titles are described below: Management Tools and The Business Systems published in November 2017 and Models and Theories for Understanding Change and The Elusive Paragon published in March 2017.

Colin Greer, Ph.D. 1973: President, New World Foundation; author, with Herbert Kohl of The Plain Truth of Things (1997) and books on the history of public education, including The Great School Legend. Co-author of Choosing Equality: The Case for Democratic Schooling, winner of the American Library Association’s 1988 Eli M. Oboler Intellectual Freedom Award; regular author for Parade magazine.

Sidney Harman, Ph.D. Mind Your Own Business (ISBN: 0385509596 Doubleday & Company, 2003), Executive Chairman of Harman International Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the consumer and professional markets include Harman Kardon, JBL, Infinity, undersecretary of commerce under President Carter Apr 21 1977 to 1979.

Tanya Higgins, Ph.D. 1994 and Nancy Diggs, Ph.D. 1994: A Look at Life in Northern Ireland: How Do Women Live in a Culture Driven by Conflict? (The Edwin Mellon Press, 2000), anthropological examination of the enduring efforts of women in Northern Ireland to facilitate peace in the face of daily conflict, evolved from Higgins’ Project Demonstrating Excellence.

Benjamin R. Justesen, Ph.D. 2009, wrote Union Institute & University at 50: leaders realizing a dream. He is a former journalist and current editor. His other published book includes George Henry White: An Even Chance in the Race of Life.

Michael T. Klare, Ph.D. 1976: Author of Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict (Henry Holt and Company, 2001); director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies. He spends half his time teaching in the program which includes Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He’s also contributed to 12 books on United States defense policy, the arms trade, and world security affairs.

Bernie Krause, Ph.D. 1981: Very well known in new music and environmental/natural science fields for his recordings of nature and animals; worked with Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey.

Betty Krasne, Ph.D. 1979: Publisher of over 60 articles and six books. Her latest book is Twentieth Century Literary Criticism.

Phillip Lopate, Ph.D. 1979: Author (The Art of the Personal Essay, Writing New York: A Literary Anthology), educator (Columbia, NYU, Bennington, Hofstra); film critic and essayists for the New York Times.

Clarence Major, Ph.D. 1978: Prize-winning author, essayist, educator (Temple, University of Washington, University of California, Davis) poet, and artist. Author of short story collections and several novels including Dirty Bird Blues and Painted Turtle: Woman with Guitar. Also subject of monograph on his work, Clarence Major and His Art.

Karen A. McClintock, Ph.D. 2001: Dr. McClintock is a psychologist, adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University and author of My Father’s Closet, a memoir. She is also the author of Shameless Lives, Grace-Full Congregations, Sexual Shame: An Urgent Call to Healing, and Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations.

Phillip Obermiller, Ph.D. 1982: Has published numerous books including African American Miners and Migrants: The Eastern Kentucky Social Club published by the University of Illinois Press.

Barbara Bridgman Perkins, Ph.D. 1989: Author of Cancer, Radiation Therapy, and the Market (Routledge). The book shows how the market shaped the development and practice of radiation therapy and the radiation oncology specialty.

Janice Presser, Ph.D. 1990: Behavioral scientist and CEO of Author of Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is, a collection of observations on teams and teaming. The book also explains the roots of Teamability®, a new ‘technology of teaming.’

Glenda R. Taylor, Ph.D. 2017: Author of ten books including her latest, Truth Beyond Illusion African American Women 1860s-1950s. She has extensive knowledge of American history as it relates to African-American history and culture. She has been featured in the New York Times and in 2010; she was selected by the New York Daily News as one of America’s Great People.

Joyce Tenneson, Ph.D. 1978: World-renowned photographer and author of six books, including Illuminations, Light Warriors, and Flower Portraits (Bullfinch Press). Her Wise Women (Bullfinch Press, 2002) inspired a series on NBC’s “Today Show,” celebrating vital, energetic, and beautiful authors, activists, and actors as well as teachers, Supreme Court justices, and just “everyday mothers and grandmothers.” Tenneson traveled throughout America, seeking, interviewing, and photographing 80 women ages 65 to l00.

Lloyd Williams, Ph. D. 2001: Dr. Williams is working on his eighth book, Psychological Invisibility; Exploring the Enmeshment Trap that Binds Us. He is also working with China on a unique PTSD model from a Chinese Lens and with the LGBT communities in America on trauma and stress related processes. He is Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lloyd C. Williams, Consultants.

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National Library Week Staff Spotlight on Katy Tucker

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Katy Tucker

Welcome to National Library week, April 8-14, 2018 at UI&U! This year’s theme from the American Library Association is “Libraries Lead.” We’ve put our own twist on the theme with “Libraries Lead” To A Union Degree.

Katy Tucker is the Technical Services & Electronic Resources Librarian. She leads students to the library’s vast collection of online resources which include numerous e-books, online journals, and streaming video. Learn why Katy is glad to be part of the Union family in the Q&A below.

Q. What excites you about being a part of higher education?

A. Higher education has opened the door to many great opportunities for me, so I really value that I am able to assist others in accomplishing their own educational and career goals. It is also exciting to help Union’s students as they contribute to the understanding of new research and expand their knowledge.

Q. What attracted you to become a part of the Union family?

A. Union offers students the opportunity to achieve their educational goals whether they are just starting out, pursuing continuing education or completing their degree. Because I have always enjoyed studying and consider myself a lifelong learner, Union’s education model really resonated with me. I was also intrigued to learn that Union’s library was completely online. The world is becoming more and more digital, so I was excited to join a school that was successfully embracing the future.

Q. If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?

A. Although I love being a librarian, I have soft-spot for animals, so I think my dream job would be to work as a zoologist. It would be especially fun to work for the Cincinnati Zoo and help take care of Fiona the hippo.

Q. What surprises people about you?

A. I think people are surprised by the fact that I enjoy playing video games in my free-time. I am a big fan of classic games like Super Mario and World of Warcraft.

Q. What is your favorite book, and why?

A. I don’t have a favorite book, but I really enjoy mystery-thrillers. I also try to step out of my genre “comfort zone” every once in a while; right now, I am reading a fantasy series by Kendare Blake.

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National Library Week Student Spotlight on Samantha Hines

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Samantha Hines

Welcome to National Library week, April 8-14, 2018 at UI&U! This year’s theme from the American Library Association is “Libraries Lead.” We’ve put our own twist on the theme with “Libraries Lead” To A Union Degree.

Meet Samantha Hines, a librarian and Union Ph.D. student. Learn how the UI&U library is leading Samantha to the research needed to complete her major in Ethical & Creative Leadership.

Q. How does the library impact your research?

A. For me, as a librarian, the library is the foundation of my research. I usually develop research projects based out of situations I encounter at work—how can and should academic libraries support students needing connections with social services, for example, or how can we increase racial diversity among library administrators? Then, of course, I turn to the library’s resources to find out all that I can on the topic before I dig into research design and analyzing my results.

Q. How do the librarians help you?

A. Librarians help connect me with materials about my topic of research; they find things that I didn’t even know existed! They help me find other experts to talk with about my research. They help me with citation of resources. And of course they share their invaluable perspectives and experiences when I do research on them!

Q. What do you plan to do with your degree?

A. Persist in helping my profession of librarianship embrace its core principles of community building, open access and freedom of information.

Q. What led you to this program?

A. I met a graduate of the program, Kate Reavey. I had previously resisted getting a doctorate because it felt like credentialism, but her description of the program made me feel like Union would be a real learning experience.

Q. Why did you choose Union for your studies?

A. I was delighted to find an online Ph.D. program with a strong emphasis on social justice, where the school’s objectives blended so well with my own research and career goals.

Q. If you could give a piece of advice to your 20 something, what would it be?

A. Relax, it’s all going to be okay. You’re doing amazing!

Q. Who has influenced you the most in your life, and how have they influenced you?

A. My mother, who showed me the value of hard work. She returned to school for an associate’s degree once my brother and I were in elementary school, and the job that she got and kept for 30 years lifted my family out of poverty. Incidentally, that job was at a library!

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Founder’s Day Message from the President

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President Roger H. Sublett, Ph.D.

Union was founded in 1964 as the Union for Experimentation and Research in Higher Education. Its purpose was to provide enhanced opportunities for adults pursuing higher education utilizing alternative approaches to traditional classrooms. Higher education has evolved since 1964, and something that seemed revolutionary in the 1960s is now commonplace in today’s era of technology and rapid change.

Union created a path for new approaches and many followed our lead. Union has changed over the years in developing new academic programs to serve our students, adopting new technologies to remain in the forefront of online learning, and also experimenting with hybrid approaches including cohort groups, face-to-face meetings, and online instruction.

In the last few years, Union developed the Maternal Child Health/Lactation program which is one of the few of its kind in the United States. We created the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and obtained professional accreditation assuring that our CMCH graduates could sit for licensure across the country. We are experimenting with the Child and Adolescent Program (CHAD) in Los Angeles and may even begin a Spanish-speaking cohort for this creative and empowering program. We are working to develop a Professional Studies & Continuing Education Department that will touch multiple sectors of society with unique offerings, particularly impacting our commitment to social justice. We continue to support the YWCA’s Breakfast for Racial Justice in Cincinnati, which we have sponsored over the last eight years, and we are currently seeking ways to broaden that support across the nation in support of the “underserved” members of our society.

Our Florida Academic Center has moved to a new location in Hollywood, Florida, which will result in Union’s reaching out to a broader geographical area in South Florida, and we are redesigning our academic center in Los Angeles to a space more appropriate to our needs in the LA market.

We recently received a $1.8 million dollar bequest from the estate of Union Ph.D. graduate Dr. Madeline Ehrman, the largest gift to Union during my tenure as president. We are very thankful for her generous support and regard for Union. And, we are preparing to welcome the sixth president of Union Institute & University, Dr. Karen Schuster-Webb, on July 1, 201. Her presidency promises a new era of creative leadership in support of Union’s vision and commitment to engage, enlighten, and empower a new generation of adult learners.

While it is important to take time to reflect on the founding of Union, it is even more important to commit to the future growth of the institution and our students. Union has never been an organization that stood still or took for granted our place in higher education. We have always embraced research, experimentation, and action in our desire to make a difference in the lives of people. This is the most important lesson we take from the vision of our founders. They were futurists who believed in the creative genius of the human mind, body, and spirit and they developed the pathway to make the future possible.

Having the privilege to serve as Union’s fifth president, I recognize that I have stood on the shoulders of the four presidents who preceded me. I have been most fortunate to have the support of a very creative staff and faculty as well as a supportive Board of Trustees. While we have not accomplished all that we might have over the last 15 years, we have accomplished a great deal. In 2018, our greatest challenge is the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of the next generation of Union students. Like the original founders, we have had our challenges—both internal and external—but the creative genius that gave birth to this unique university remains alive and well today. It is that creative genius and the fearless embrace of the future that will propel Union to even greater heights in the coming years. Union will only be restrained by the limits of human imagination, and that is a GREAT place to be in 2018.

Change is inevitable, and we must have confidence in our collective abilities to steer this amazing university into the white waters of what could be some turbulent times for higher education. Confidence in our programs, confidence in our people, confidence in our vision and mission, and confidence in our commitment to social justice will carry Union forward with courage. As NFL football player, Harry A. Hopp once stated:

Indecision is debilitating; it feeds upon itself;
It is, one might almost say, habit-forming,
Not only that, but it is contagious;
It transmits itself to others….
Business is dependent upon action;
It cannot go forward by hesitation.
Those in executive positions must fortify
Themselves with facts and accept the
Responsibility for decisions based on them.
Often greater risk is involved in postponement
Than in making a wrong decision.

Research, experimentation, and action were ALL critical components of Union’s founding in 1964, and they still provide the guiding light for Union in 2018. It has been a remarkable honor to serve as your fifth President since 2003. This university and its people will always be in my heart and my mind. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve.

Roger H. Sublett, Ph.D.
Union Institute & University

Learn more about the mission and values of Union Institute & University.

The 2018 Employee of the Year Award

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Kathy Fryman, Registration & Academic Records Data Coordinator, is the 2018 Roger H. Sublett Employee of the Year. The announcement was made at the annual staff service award luncheon on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Kathy was nominated by her peers along with nine other employees for the award. She was voted by UI&U staff members as the Employee of the Year based on excellence in the performance of her job, embodiment of the UI&U PART values statement (serving UI&U with Professionalism, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork), and whose work and work ethic demonstrates a commitment to UI&U that is over and above normal job expectations.

Her nominee wrote this about Kathy.

“Kathy Fryman has been an integral part of the UIU team for over 10 years. Kathy always meets each stakeholder with professionalism, respect and personalizes the experience with a smile. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure that when she interacts with other coworkers that she shares the knowledge so that all can be educated about how to deliver the best service to make the behind the scenes work move smoothly.

To me she exemplifies Union’s commitment to doing right by the student even if it means more work for the staff; at the same time she adheres to our guidelines for accountability not just from obedience but from the deeper understanding that this protects the students and the university. In addition she enhances her mix of professionalism and dedication with a touch of well-placed humor that builds the sort of intra-university relationships that are key at a small organization like Union.”

The following employees were also celebrated for milestone anniversaries at this years’ Service Awards Luncheon:

Awardee Years of Service
Scott, Miles H. 15
Schnapp, Lisa D. 15
Dube, Lindsey M. 5
Marks, Nichole N. 5
Cunningham, Thomas J. 5
McNay, Christopher M. 5
Soto, Nelson E. 5
Miller, Mollie E. 5
Gallagher, John J. 5

Congratulations to all Union employees who make Union a great place to work!

Union Institute & University is a great place to work because of its commitment to engage, enlighten, and empower students to pursue professional goals and a lifetime of learning, service, and social responsibility. Learn how faculty and staff can assist you in your career goals. Click below.

Union Institute & University Board of Trustees Elects New Chairperson, Trustees, and Treasurer

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The Board of Trustees of Union Institute & University elected a new chairperson, two new trustees, and a new treasurer at its January 25, 2018 quarterly meeting. The appointments are effective through January 25, 2020.

The new chairperson is Ms. Christine van Duelmen, former executive director and conference coordinator for the International Council for Innovation in Higher Education. She also works as a consultant specializing in adult online education. The Toronto, Canada native has served on the Union Board of Trustees since 2004. She replaces Mr. Roger Allbee of Townshend, Vermont, who served in that position for the last two years and will continue as a trustee.

Dr. Kim Byas, a trustee since 2014, will serve as Vice Chair. Dr. Byas is a health care leader and serves as Regional Executive with the American Hospital Association. He is also a UI&U alumnus, earning his Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership in 2013.

Julie S. Washington and Felice Nudelman were elected as new trustees.

Ms. Washington is an accomplished senior executive whose career spans Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Nestle Purina Petcare, Jamba Juice, Luxottica and Bristol-Myers Squibb. She is founder and president of Inspired Actions, LLC, a consulting and coaching company.

Ms. Nudelman is Executive Vice President of the Weiss Institute at the Say Yes to Education Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation, she served as Chancellor of Antioch University in Yellow Springs, OH, from 2011 to 2016 and as chief global officer, innovation & partnerships. She spent 12 years with The New York Times Company, responsible for developing and overseeing education initiatives, including The New York Times Knowledge Network.

Mr. Donald Feldmann, will serve as treasurer. Mr. Feldmann is President and CEO

Rippe & Kingston Capital Advisors, Inc. He has served as a trustee since 1989 in numerous positions including chairperson.

Dr. Roger H. Sublett, President of Union Institute & University will continue in his role as secretary.

Union’s Board of Trustees members are as follows:

Mr. Roger Allbee
Retired CEO, Grace Cottage Hospital and Rural Health Clinic
Retired Secretary of Agriculture
Townshend, VT

Dr. Richard N. Aft (Union Ph.D. 2000)
Philanthropic Leadership
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Kim Byas (Union Ph.D. 2013)
Regional Executive, American Hospital Association
Chicago, IL

Dr. Lee Binder (Union Ph.D. 2001)
Head of School
Greenfield Day School
Miami, FL

Mr. Steven Bishop, CPA
Senior Manager, Assurance
Plante & Moran
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Dan Cahill
VP, Market Leader, Kentucky
Horan & Associates
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Sharon Dunbar
Vice President, General Manager
Federal Systems, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Alexandria, VA

Mr. Donald Feldmann
President and CEO
Rippe & Kingston Capital Advisors, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Kay Goss
World Disaster Management, Inc.
Washington, DC

Dr. Gladys Gossett Hankins (Union Ph.D. 1994)
President, Global Management Consultant
Telora Victor, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Shekhar Mitra
President, InnoPreneur
Former SVP, Global Innovation, Procter & Gamble Company
Cincinnati, OH

Felice Nudelman
Executive Vice President
Weiss Institute Say Yes to Education Foundation
New York, NY

Dr. Roger H. Sublett (Secretary)
(Ex officio)
Union Institute & University
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Edgar L. Smith, Jr.
World Pac Paper, LLC
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Dennis Tartakow (Union Ph.D. 2001, M.Ed., 2006, Ed.D. 2010)
Editor in Chief
Ortho Tribune
Marina del Rey, CA

Ms. Julie S. Washington
Inspired Actions, LLC
Mason, OH

The Board of Trustees meets four times a year.

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Social Work Month – Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Kesha Williams

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Kesha Williams

Each month, faculty and staff are recognized for their enormous contribution to Union. In the words of President Sublett, “Only people make a difference in an organization and only people are important in our lives.”

March is National Social Work Month. Union Institute & University’s major in Social Work applies a real-world approach and on-the-job training experience through a combination of online and fieldwork. The UI&U degree curriculum is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and prepares the graduate for an exciting and in-demand career in social services, child welfare, health, addiction, corrections, and juvenile work.

The 2018 National Social Work Month theme is “Social Workers: Leaders. Advocates. Champions.” Union is proud to celebrate our social work leaders, advocates, and champions as they enhance the well-being and basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in society.

This week the spotlight is on Kesha Williams, Ph.D., M.S.W., L.S.W., L.C.D.C.III, C.A.-C.Y.F.S.W., A.S.C.W. Dr. Williams is the Director of Field Education for the UI&U major in Social Work. Learn why she is proud to be in the social work profession in the Q&A below.

Q. What excites you about being a part of higher education?

A. Higher education allows me to impact the future in a meaningful way. That is exciting. I am also excited to be part of the Social Work profession and I believe in its Code of Ethics. Social Workers help leverage the playing field for the disadvantaged and marginalized; people who can’t advocate for themselves.

My responsibility at Union is to ensure each student attains a field placement that offers real life experiences to implement what the student has learned in the classroom. I have to be sure the student is going to receive a worthy and meaningful experience. I rely on my communication skills to build a list of collaborative agencies so that I have a healthy pool to choose from regardless of where the student lives.

Q. What attracted you to become a part of the Union family?

A. I too am a nontraditional student and Union’s mission to reach that segment of the population really touches me. I joined Union years ago in 2005 – 2006 when it was known as a college without walls. That message resonated with me. I also grew up in the neighborhood where the Cincinnati headquarters is located.

Q. If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?

A. If I could have any job in the world I would be president of an organization that develops programming to educate, advocate, and serve marginalized populations.

Q. What surprises people about you?

A. People are surprised at my wealth of professional knowledge. I have extensive work experience in various areas of social work. I have worked in substance abuse, been director of a health collaborative, worked at another university, and served as Director of GED Services for Hamilton County Juvenile Court. These areas have brought me extensive leadership experience.

Q. What is your favorite book, and why?

A. I have two favorite books. The first is “The Life You Were Born to Live.” It gives insight into personality and traits that help develop your career and life path. The second book is the Bible.

Today is the day to follow your passion to help people and your community with a UI&U major in Social Work. Click below.