Memorial Day Reflections

By May 1, 2015Students

Memorial Day small

“There is a price tag on human liberty. That price is the willingness to assume the responsibilities of being free men and women. Payment of this price is a personal matter with each of us. It is not something we can get others to pay for us. To let others carry the responsibilities of freedom and the work and worry that accompany them—while we share only in the benefits—may be a very human impulse, but it is likely to be fatal.” Eugene Holman

This is the weekend that we celebrate those who have served all of us in helping preserve our freedom; and in doing so, many made the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit. Take a moment to be thankful for the women and men who have sacrificed for us! Take a moment to cherish the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy today! All too often we focus on what divides us in America and in the World rather than what should connect us—a common humanity and individual respect for the dignity of each person.

Enjoy the time off! Enjoy your families! Enjoy your freedom! And, reflect on the real meaning of this national holiday! Learn more about the history of Memorial Day here.

Warm Regards,

Roger H. Sublett, Ph.D.
Union Institute & University