Spotlight: Organizational Leadership Grad Leila Perez

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Leila Perez, Police Sergeant and 2015 MSOL Grad

To learn more about the Master’s in Organizational Leadership program, we asked recent graduate Leila Perez (M.S. 2015) about her experience.

What are some things that you learned in this program that you applied directly to your job?

Union Institute & University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program has provided me with the proper skill sets, which my organization has been able to tap into.  Since beginning with Union, and while completing my undergraduate degree, I advanced within my organization to the role of Sergeant. This experience and knowledge has given me the ability to focus on my management and team-building skills while improving the overall effectiveness of my organization. These beneficial skills have made it possible to measure, adjust and improve the deficiencies, while furthering those aspects that were performing well. The professors at Union allowed me to critically analyze introspectively and taught me how to translate my innovative ideas into a reality. While I continue to fine tune and sharpen my leadership skills, I manage teams that are cohesive, innovative and evolving into the leaders of tomorrow.

What makes the Master’s in Organizational Leadership program special?

The experience and professionalism of the Master’s in Organizational Leadership professors are unparalleled. They are positive, informative and supportive in their roles as mentors and builders of future leaders. The format used by most of the professors allows each student’s ideas and thoughts to flow, which heightens involvement and exchange of creative thought. The faculty members are supportive and are always available to follow through on areas of difficulty. It is a rigorous program, but anything that is hard to obtain makes it that much sweeter when completed.

Would you recommend Union to others?

I regularly recommend both the undergraduate and master’s programs at Union. The school is tailor made for the working professional, which requires flexibility due to an inflexible work schedule. The professors are at the heart of this institution. They are what make this program special. They are caring, supportive and available for consultations. I feel that a degree from Union will make a difference and open doors, as a result of the professional and respected name that Union Institute & University carries.