2016-17 Brian Webb MA Thesis Award Winners Selected

The faculty of the Master of Arts program is pleased to announce that six outstanding students who completed their degree during the 2016-17 academic year have been chosen to receive the Brian Webb Award for Outstanding MA Thesis Distinguished by Academic Rigor and Creative Thinking. MA Program Director, Elden Golden, Ph.D., noted, “We are very proud of the outstanding work done by these exceptional students. We wanted to honor these graduates while also remembering our founding director, Brian Webb.”

The winning students are listed below along with their majors and their thesis titles:

Emily Clark – Health & Wellness – “Cesarean Doulas: The influence of labor support on surgical birth on the United States”

James Gianforti – Creativity Studies – “Malevolent Creativity in Human Medical Experimentation: A New Functional Model of Malevolent Creativity”

Susan Grace – History & Culture – “Using Public Markets to Create a Sustainable Urban Landscape”

Doug Steslow – Literature & Writing – “Intersectionality as a critical lens in postcolonial Indian novels written in English”

Robin White – Leadership, Public Policy & Social Issues – “Engaging Unexposed Audiences with the National Park Service: An Exploration of Servant Leadership and Community Engagement at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site”

Elizabeth Whyte – History & Culture – “Marginal Trickster: The Spirit of Truth in Consideration of Gender and Ethnos”

The Brian Webb Award for Outstanding MA Thesis provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding student work in a public and lasting way. The recipient can add the award to their CV as an indication of the exceptional quality of their academic work.

As Dr. Brian Webb was instrumental in developing the current Master of Arts program and then successfully led the program for a number of years, he laid the foundation for continued success in the MA program and its students. He exemplified the best qualities as a leader, colleague, and friend and is sorely missed by those who worked with him.

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