Board of Trustees Elects New Chairperson, Officers

By February 24, 2016Faculty & Staff

Union Institute Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Union Institute & University held annual elections at its quarterly meeting on January 28, 2016. Mr. Roger Allbee of Townshend, Vermont, was elected chairperson, replacing Mr. Donald Feldmann, Esq., of Cincinnati who served in that position for two years and will continue as chair of the board’s advancement committee. Mr. Allbee is the CEO of Grace Cottage Hospital in Townshend and former secretary of agriculture in Vermont.

Ms. Christine van Duelmen of Toronto, Canada, was elected vice chair, and Ms. Sandra Lobert, CEO of Hospice of Cincinnati, remains in the position of treasurer. Trustees re-elected to new terms through January 2020, include: Ms. Christine van Duelmen, Ms. Sandra Lobert, and Ms. Kay Goss, of Alexandria, Virginia.

Union Institute & University President Roger H. Sublett is grateful to the trustees for their dedication and commitment to Union. “We are indeed fortunate to be served by these visionary leaders. All of our trustees, several of whom are Union alumni, are outstanding advocates of Union’s goal to transform lives and communities. We are excited to join with the trustees as they share their expertise and experience to assist Union in its mission to engage, enlighten, and empower adult learners to pursue a lifetime of learning, service, and social responsibility.”

Mr. Allbee looks forward to his new role with Union as chair of the board. “Union Institute & University has been a leader in changing the face of higher education since its inception over 50 years ago. I am excited and honored to be joined by a great team of trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff as Union continues the founders’ legacy of transforming lives and communities.”

President Roger H. Sublett acknowledged the work of Mr. Don Feldmann who served as chair for two years. “We are grateful to Don Feldmann for his leadership of the board and are also lucky that he has agreed to stay on and chair our advancement efforts.”

The newly elected board includes:

Mr. Roger Allbee (Chair)
CEO, Grace Cottage Hospital and Rural Health Clinic
Retired Secretary of Agriculture
Townshend, VT

Dr. Richard N. Aft (Union Ph.D. 2000)
Philanthropic Leadership
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Kim Byas (Union Ph.D. 2013)
Regional Executive, American Hospital Association
Chicago, IL

Dr. Lee Binder (Union Ph.D. 2001)
Learning Specialist Coordinator
Gordon School
Miami, FL

Ms. Juana Bordas
President, Mestiza Leadership International
Denver, CO

Mr. Donald Feldmann (Immediate past Chair)
President and CEO
Rippe & Kingston Capital Advisors, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Kay Goss
World Disaster Management, Inc.
Washington, DC

Dr. Gladys Gossett Hankins (Union Ph.D. 1994)
President, Global Management Consultant
Telora Victor, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Eric Hannel (Union Ph.D. 2014)
Marine (ret)/Staff Director
Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations
House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Washington, DC

Ms. Sandra Lobert (Treasurer)
President and CEO
Hospice of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Shekhar Mitra
President, InnoPreneur
Former SVP, Global Innovation, Procter & Gamble Company
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Roger H. Sublett (Secretary)
(Ex officio)
Union Institute & University
Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Katherine Prince
Senior Director, Strategic Foresight
Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Edgar L. Smith, Jr.
World Pac Paper, LLC
Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Dennis Tartakow (Union Ph.D. 2001, M.Ed., 2006, Ed.D. 2010)
Editor in Chief
Ortho Tribune
Marina del Rey, CA

Ms. Christine van Duelmen
Former Executive Director/Conference Coordinator
International Council for Innovation in Higher Ed
Toronto Canada