Criminal Justice Management Degree Benefits Community

By May 13, 2019Alumni
criminal justice management

Union is saluting our Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice Management (CJM) students, staff, and alumni throughout the month of May in recognition of National Police Week, celebrated  nationwideMay 12–18, 2019.

This week we spotlight Glenn Cadwell, Law Enforcement Site Coordinator and Criminal Justice Management (CJM) alumnus.


Q & A with Glen Cadwell, Criminal Justice Management Alumnus


Q: How does a CJM degree benefit the community?

A: The Criminal Justice Management degree benefits the community in multiple ways. The Union degree gives officers more education and a global perspective. Students connect to a community of law enforcement personnel across the country. This offers the opportunity to find out how other departments handle community situations. Today’s officer must be community-minded and know how to talk with people.

Q: How does a CJM degree benefit a Law Enforcement Officer?

A: The CJM degree benefits the officer in two ways. First, many departments offer a financial incentive to complete a bachelor’s degree. Also, in many departments an officer has to have a degree to be promoted.

Secondly, for most officers, law enforcement is their dream job. It’s a calling, yet half will be forced to retire early due to an on-the-job medically related problem. They have to find another career path, which can be difficult in today’s world without a degree. If an officer is injured on the job and can no longer work in law enforcement, they have a degree to segue into another career. I always ask my recruits what they would do if they could no longer be in this line of work. Because Union’s CJM degree is a management degree, coupled with the officer skill set and training, they can find that next career.

Q: What excites you about being a part of higher education?

A: Watching officers obtain their degree is so exciting for me. They call me and let me know they have been promoted because of their degree. The best thing is when officers tell me that they have set an example for their children. They have worked full-time, mastered time management and goal-setting to graduate. Now their children don’t have an excuse to not complete their education.

Q: What attracted you to become a part of Team Union?

A: I’m an alumnus of Union’s CJM program. I think our degree program is the best in the country because of its emphasis on management skills.

Q: If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?

A: My career as a law enforcement officer was my dream job. It is a calling to be in this profession. It was always interesting because no two days were the same. A cop has to be able to solve problems on the spot, help people, talk with people, have medical training, have an understanding of the law, and be able to interact with the community.

Q: What surprises people about you?

A. That I can play basketball. Let me explain. For a number of years, my department sponsored a Saturday night basketball program named “Night Hoops” to give young people an alternative to hanging out in the streets. The league was open to ages 8 – 30. Many times the kids would say to me, “Wow, you can play basketball!”

Q: What is your favorite book, and why?

A: Two of my favorite books are The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner and Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom.

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