Kim Cotton

Each month, faculty and staff are recognized for their contribution to Union. In the words of President Sublett, “Only people make a difference in an organization and only people are important in our lives.”

This month Kim Cotton, Graduate Enrollment Counselor, is recognized. Kim is a passionate and sincere partner in our students’ goal to obtain their doctorate degrees.

Q. What excites you about being a part of higher education?

A. I firmly believe in education and understand its benefits both personally and professionally. What excites me most is helping people meet their educational goals; to be a small part in their journey to success; to assist others toward economic empowerment. The fast pace satisfies my passion for meeting new people and conquering new challenges

Q. What attracted you to become a part of the Union family?

A. I love learning, and am a servant leader. Union’s mission and its goal to reach working adults resonated with me, as I was a working adult who also wanted to advance my education. Moreover, Union’s mission to engage, enlighten and empower people, and its thread of social justice, aligned with my professional and personal beliefs. Knowledge is truly power and the sharing of that power makes our nation stronger, and a better place.

Q. If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?

A. This is difficult to answer, as naturally I could list many jobs that would make me rich, and/or jobs that would bring me prestige and power. And most certainly I am not without ambition. Yet, I have come to learn that I simply desire to be content and happy; doing my best with what I have, with where I am, in whatever stage of my life. Learning, contributing and developing, personally, spiritually, and professionally, and operating in my life’s purpose is the best job for me. I welcome each stage and remain excited about where it will take me!

Q. What surprises people about you?

A. I’m pretty transparent and am known for my hearty laughter. But I think people are really surprised when they find out how funny I am!

Q. What is your favorite book, and why?

A. I’ve read countless books, but hands down, my favorite book is the Bible. It’s the most controversial book in the world; full of hidden messages and mysteries and truths for those who dare to search for enlightenment. It’s the only book in the world that contains solutions to every problem known to man, and it’s the only book that man wants destroyed. I can’t think of another book that holds this much power; keeps me glued!

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