Dr. Waldon

Say hello to new faces in UI&U positions – Dr. Rea Waldon, Dr. Jay Keehn, and Dr. Eric Mast.

Dr. Waldon, alumna, former faculty advisor, affiliated faculty member, and business woman is the new executive director for the Cincinnati Academic Center Cincinnati Academic Center. Her duties include increasing enrollment and developing relationships with strategic partners.

She credits Union with propelling her career and knows a Union degree can do the same for others. “My new role at Union allows me to combine my passion for education and business. I didn’t fit the mold but Union had confidence in me and my degree changed my life. I know Union changes lives. I am one of those lives.”

Dr. Keehn

Dr. Keehn is a veteran Union employee. He began his career at Union in 2005 and has served as faculty/advisor, director of the M.Ed. program, and associate dean of student services. Dr. Keehn is an active scholar and consistently serves on doctoral dissertation committees. In his new role, he will provide leadership to achieve student success, while implementing strategic and tactical directives that drive enrollment and retention.

He looks forward to sharing Union’s mission of transforming lives and communities. “I am excited to be able to go out into the surrounding communities and network to develop larger pool of students, potential new program offerings, and advance the good Union name and the impact a degree from Union makes.”

Dr. Mast

Dr. Eric Mast joined Union in 2010 as an online instructor for ENG 101 and as a tutor. He worked with Dr. Kristin Dietsche to create the Writing Center and took over its management in 2012. Eric entered Union’s Ed.D. program in 2013 and completed his doctorate in 2017.

His passion is helping students reach their potential. “I want to make sure the services we provide help each student be successful academically as well as develop the skills that will help them be successful in life. Student Services are a vital piece of student retention. We want students to interact with our services frequently and in a way that helps them be successful while they are with Union and also after they graduate.”

These three enthusiastic and experienced educators are waiting to help you discover your career path at Union. Reach out to Dr. Waldon at Rea.Waldon@myunion.edu, Dr. Keehn at Jay.Keehn@myunion.edu, or Dr. Mast at Eric.Mast@myunion.edu today. Click below to learn more about a Union bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.