New Publications by Union Institute & University Faculty

Dr. Stewart Burns
Dr. Debra Henson
Dr. Nadine Wheat
Dr. Arlene Sacks

Congratulations to Dr. Stewart Burns, Dr. Nadine Wheat, Dr. Debra Henson, and Dr. Arlene Sacks on the release of their new publications.

Dr. Stewart Burns just completed the updated second edition of his award-winning book on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “To the Mountaintop, 2nd Edition: Martin Luther King’s Mission and its Meaning for America (HarperCollins) .” Jim Wallis, New York Times bestselling author, wrote the following in his review.

“This book is the best treatment of Martin Luther King’s faith that I have seen, and an incredibly thorough exploration of the ways faith was fundamentally central to Dr. King’s vision, action, and perspective on mission and civil rights. We see the full extent of what it means to form a spiritual commitment to justice, activism, and equality, and are reminded of what we are called to do for others, our society, and ourselves. This edition presents a strikingly nuanced and human vision of the civil rights leader and reverend we are all familiar with.”

Dr. Burns chairs Union Institute & University’s Ethical & Creative Leadership concentration in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, and shares leadership of its Martin Luther King Jr. Studies specialization. He is a highly regarded historian of the civil rights movement, author or editor of eight books, former editor of the King Papers at Stanford University, where he also taught U.S. History before joining Union. He has been a nonviolent activist for most of his life, and for over a quarter century engaged in interracial healing in higher education. Learn more about Dr. Burns and his commitment to connect Dr. King’s legacy to current issues at this link.


Dr. Nadine Wheat, who directs Union’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and  Undergraduate Business Programs and Dr. Debra Henson, adjunct professor, co-authored “She Crabs In a Barrel: Women in Business.” The book explores the underpinnings of women supporting each other in business for the betterment of all.

Written for all who need guidance in the workplace and want to overcome the “if I can’t succeed, neither can you” mentality, Wheat and Henson start with the metaphor of  crabs in a bucket being trapped, not realizing that while any one crab could easily escape, its efforts are undermined by others, ensuring the group’s collective demise. The book covers the areas of trust, fear, feeling threatened or rejected, jealousy, envy, and asking for help.

Read more about their book at this link.


Dr. Arlene Sacks, Union’s Associate Vice President for  Academic Affairs, has updated her seminal textbook, “Special Education, A Reference Book for Policy and Curriculum Development (Grey House Publishing),” that details the history of special education. In the introduction, Dr. Sacks states, “The intent of this book is to present readers with all the information they need to obtain full understanding of how special education can serve as a model for all education. Special education, frequently viewed solely as an outgrowth of regular education, actually developed from several disciplines. Historical accounts describe special education as a product of superstition, abandonment, and elimination of such persons identified as mentally or physically disabled, whereas religious influences, primarily Christianity, gave rise to a more humane treatment of the disabled.”

Read more about the book at this link.

Thank you Union faculty for your commitment to the UI&U mission of engagement, enlightenment, and empowerment.

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