Social Work Month – Student Spotlight Michael Bolden

Michael Bolden

March is National Social Work Month. Union Institute & University’s major in Social Work applies a real-world approach and on-the-job training experience through a combination of online and fieldwork. The UI&U degree curriculum is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and prepares the graduate for an exciting and in-demand career in social services, child welfare, health, addiction, corrections, and juvenile work.

The 2018 National Social Work Month theme is “Social Workers: Leaders. Advocates. Champions.” Union is proud to celebrate our social work leaders, advocates, and champions as they enhance the well-being and basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in society.

This week’s spotlight is on Michael Bolden. Michael is a veteran who spent 30 years with the United States Air Force. He just completed an internship with the United Way of Pierce County, Washington and his coursework in the UI&U Social Work major. Michael works with various community organizations with the goal to remove 15,000 families from poverty by 2028. Learn more about Michael and his plans in the Q&A below.

Q. What do you plan to do with your degree?

A. Continue working towards an MSW, then assist military veterans and their families.

Q. What led you to this program?

A. The desire to help others, and my hopes of providing groups and communities a better way of dealing with poverty.

Q. Why did you choose Union for your studies?

A. Initially I started my program in South Korea while in the Air Force. Union Institute & University offered an online degree program that fit my needs.

Q. If you could give a piece of advice to your 20 something, what would it be?

A. Commit to your goals, keep moving forward, always strive to give 100% and never give up.

Q. Who has influenced you the most in your life, and how have they influenced you?

A. There have been many positive influences in my life, mother, father and siblings. However, I think I was most influenced by negative uncaring leadership and mediocre supervisors. Learning how to treat and respect people has been one of my most important life lessons.

A social work degree is within your grasp. Find out how you can positively influence your community with a UI&U major in Social Work.