Spotlight: Organizational Leadership Grad Emily Swegert

MS Organizational Leadership

Emily Swegert, Higher Education Professional and 2014 MSOL Grad

To learn more about Union’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree, we asked recent graduate Emily Swegert (M.S. 2014) about her experience in the program.

What problem did the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership solve for you?

When I began the Master’s in Organizational Leadership, I sought to solve a communication issue within my organization. I wanted to find a way to better serve our external stakeholders and track their needs. Through the Organizational Leadership program, I discovered new ways of utilizing tools that we already had in place, as well as developing new methods for communication strategies.

What was effective about the Master’s in Organizational Leadership approach or delivery?

Working in an online format was new for me, but it provided the opportunity to complete my work on my time. I enjoyed the chance to collaborate with my classmates electronically and develop new ideas without taking time in the middle of the day to attend class. I also found the application-based focus of the program effective because it allowed me to immediately utilize and develop my leadership skills in my own position.

Why did you choose Union?

I chose Union for the flexibility and affordability. The online courses allowed me to keep my full time job while pursuing a master’s degree and still complete it in one year.

How did this degree change your work?

The degree allowed me to be eligible for a promotion at work. I also began to use my leadership skills to promote change within my position and department.

Would you recommend Union to others?

I would recommend the Master’s in Organizational Leadership to anyone who is seeking to further their education and has a passion for leadership. The possibilities with this degree are endless and it provides the training and real-world experience needed to become a leader in a variety of fields in today’s workforce.