Stay Connected: Union alumni respond to Covid-19

In response to President’s Webb’s message to Stay Connected during the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing information, helpful tips, and encouragement, we are pleased to share how several Union alumni are responding to the new realities.

Dr. Christopher Nemeth Conducts Research to Mitigate a Shortage of Respiratory Protection Devices During Public Health Emergencies

Alumnus Christopher Nemeth, Ph.D. 2003, is working on respiratory protection devices (RPDs) in an effort to mitigate a shortage during a public health emergency. Dr. Nemeth has also written a paper in the Journal of Patient Safety on hospital acceptance of UV decontamination to extend the life of respirators.

Dr. Nemeth, principal scientist at Applied Research Associates in Chicago, studies human performance in high hazard environments (healthcare, military, aviation/aerospace, ground transportation) to learn about the effects of technology, and how technology can be improved in order to benefit human performance.

Read about Dr. Nemeth’s work here.

Free Nutrition & Integrative tips during Covid-19

Alumna Leslie Korn, Ph.D. 2006, is offering 10+ keys to prevention and to enhance the capacity of the body and mind to respond effectively to stress and Covid-19. Dr. Korn is a renowned expert in natural and integrative medicine specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness and optimal wellness. Enroll for the free course here.

Poem for First Responders

Alumnus Dave Farson, Ph.D. 1977, shares the following poem in tribute to the first responders working endlessly during the COVID-19 crisis.

God sends angels to help us
along our way.
When we are in need
an angel is there.
When we are lost
an angel helps us
find our way home.
An angel is God’s hand in our lives.
Do not expect wings.
Expect warm hearts,
gentle hands,
authentic concern,
true courage.
An angel is not found where
the applause is loudest.
An angel is found where the need
is greatest.
Let’s praise the angels God sends!

Stay Connected during COVID 19 by sharing information, helpful tips, and encouragement.

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