Student services are the heart of our library

By April 11, 2016Students

Cindy M. Anderson

Ph.D. student in Interdisciplinary Studies | Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at Park University

In recognition of National Library Week, we asked Ph.D. student Cindy Anderson to tell us how the library is transforming her academic journey. Cindy holds a master’s in community counseling and has over 26 years in the federal prison system working in minimum to maximum security facilities. She also has extensive experience in case management and inmate treatment programs.

How has the library staff helped you with your research?

“I needed help in navigating the resources available through the library. As an older student, I am not tech-savvy. I reached out to the library staff and they responded. The first step was to watch the “Get Started” video introduction that provided a comprehensive outline of library resources. They worked with me until I became comfortable with the technology. I have found the library team to be dedicated and committed to my success. They are always available to guide me through phone calls or email. I have called on them for ideas too.”

Do the library resources fit your scholarly needs?

“Yes, the resources are all-encompassing. There is a collection of online books, periodicals articles, theses, dissertations, bibliographic citation tools, research methodology, and more. I have found everything I need for my studies.”

Would you recommend Union to colleagues?

“Absolutely. I searched for over a year to find the right university. I did not want a university that was just a paper mill turning out diplomas. Union made it clear to me this would be a significant investment and the road would not be easy. I am so impressed with the professors. Their depth of knowledge is unsurpassed. I am proud to be a student at Union.”