Scott Meyer

Veterans Day offers the chance to thank the men and women who have served this nation both at home and around the world and their sacrifices for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Union wanted to do more for veterans to help them complete their degree. That goal led to the Veterans in Union program founded to recognize and honor the sacrifices made through our veterans’ service to our country, and commit to their success through a three-term $7500 living allowance stipend ($2500 per term) for honorably discharged veterans.

During the month of November, UI&U will spotlight a different veteran student each week. Get to know Scott Meyer, an Army veteran and current Criminal Justice Management student, in the Q&A below.

Q. What do you plan to do with your degree?

A. I plan to continue to grow in my career of law enforcement.

Q. What led you to this program?

A. Friends, coworkers, and a desire to further my education

Q. Why did you choose Union for your studies?

A. The online program allows me to implement proper time management in order to attain my goals of higher education in balance with my career and family.

Q. If you could give a piece of advice to your 20 something, what would it be?

A. Start your education now and plan for the future. Invest, invest, invest.

Q. Who has influenced you the most in your life, and how have they influenced you?

A. I would say the United States Army has influenced me the most. My time in the Army instilled discipline and allowed me to mature far more then I could have realized as a teenager. I could not imagine where I would be right now in my life if I had not enlisted.

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