Summer 2018 Ph.D. Residency Is Transformative

Ph.D. students experienced transformation through the exploration of ideas and practices at the Summer 2018 Ph.D. Residency, July 1 – 8.

The new president of Union Institute & University, Dr. Karen Schuster Webb, challenged the students to transform their lives and communities in her keynote address at the opening dinner. She asked the students to reflect on their legacies and asked, “What will your voices say?” She relayed The Eagle Story and encouraged them to stretch their wings and soar. Dr. Webb concluded by reminding students that they are Union strong, the hope of the world’s future, and part of “A More Perfect Union.”

New students to the Ph.D. program found inspiration in Dr. Webb’s speech.

Rev. Jordan Preston, one of the 24 new students from Cohort 25, found the week life altering. “The effect on me is life changing. I am taking the status quo ideas and breaking them down. I am allowing myself to dream big. The bond with my fellow students was unexpected and exhilarating. It was astonishing to meet students from around the country and one who even flew 16 hours from Dubai to join us. I found that we share a common bond to make change where we are and in our communities.”

Jocelyn Rainey, also a new student, finds Union’s global commitment motivational. “I know that respect for differences and diversity can solve problems. Union makes the world a classroom.”

The Union Institute & University national doctoral program incorporates interdisciplinary study that explores ideas and practices in leadership, public policy, social change, ethics, creativity, innovation, design thinking, and beyond. Union’s Graduate Certificates provide a distinguished addition to the Ph.D. focus. Each certificate includes 12 credits of courses integrated into the major in the areas of Creative Writing, Design Thinking, Educational Leadership, Executive Leadership, Martin Luther King, Jr. Studies and Social Change, and Women’s & Gender Studies.

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