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Research sheds light on challenges breastfeeding mothers face

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For World Breastfeeding Week 2016, we highlight the opportunity and work of two students, Iris Lewis and Susan Howlett.

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Union Institute & University, together with the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 – 7, 2016. This observance offers the opportunity to highlight the work of two students, Iris Lewis and Susan Howlett.

Iris Lewis

Health & Wellness Student

Iris Lewis’s first love is teaching the Deaf. Her second love is supporting Deaf breastfeeding mothers. She combined the two passions and is launching a career as a lactation consultant that specializes in assisting Deaf women. Her journey began with breastfeeding her own son.

“I faced challenges breastfeeding my son,” said Lewis. “I turned to the La Leche League for help. This was the first time I discovered I wasn’t alone in struggling with breastfeeding. I found out that many moms face the same problems I did,” said Lewis. 

It was that revelation that piqued her interest in deafness and breastfeeding. “As the teacher of Deaf children, I had to question if hearing mothers faced obstacles, what were Deaf mothers facing?” She also knew she had to have a master’s in the field to pursue this career dream. That is when she turned to Union for her Master of Arts with a Major in Health & Wellness and a focus on Human Lactation program. “I chose Union because of its commitment to the highest standards possible. I knew a degree from Union would propel my career as a lactation consultant.” 

Iris’s thesis examines how deafness impacts breastfeeding outcomes. She found that it takes specialized care in allowing deaf women to describe their experiences through the use of a certified American Sign Language interpreter. Some of the issues to consider include interpreter services, access to communication concordant medical care, access to support groups, goal setting and access prenatal and antenatal education. 

While this research is just the beginning in helping the Deaf community, Iris is excited. “I am thrilled with the prospect of making a difference in the lives of Deaf mothers.” 

Susan Howlett

Health & Wellness Student

Susan Howlett is a registered midwife and certified lactation consultant in Ontario. Susan chose Union for her Master of Arts with a Major in Health & Wellness and a focus on Human Lactation to be a better midwife. “I chose Union for several reasons. I wanted a program that was evidence-based, structured, would keep me on track, and allowed me to work fulltime. I found all of that in Union.” 

Susan has been a registered midwife since 1994 and is a co-founder of Kawartha Community Midwives in Ontario. “Midwifery care is based on providing care that respects the birthing woman as the primary decision-maker,” said Susan. “The Ontario midwifery model of care also consists of informed choice, continuity of care, and choice of birthplace.” One of her goals in pursuing her master’s is to implement a breastfeeding clinic within the Kawartha Community Midwives. 

For that reason, she chose to research sustained breastfeeding rates. Her thesis involved conducting a retrospective cohort study with 30 repeat clients at a community midwifery practice to determine the impact of the Ontario midwifery model of care on sustained breastfeeding duration rates. The study showed double the exclusive breastfeeding rate at six months compared to the provincial average, but many women were having difficulty achieving the Health Canada recommendations for continued breastfeeding “up to two years and beyond”. This study recommends capacity-building through the establishment of midwifery practice breastfeeding clinics staffed by a registered midwife lactation consultant (RM-LC) to provide on-going breastfeeding support beyond six weeks postpartum. This would further enhance breastfeeding support to help clients achieve breastfeeding recommendations for optimal health benefits.

Susan hopes her research sheds light on the need for continued support for breastfeeding moms. “I hope I have provided insight into the challenges breastfeeding mothers can face and the need for sustained support.”

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Spotlight: BS Leadership Grad Stephanie Carroll

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Breastfeeding Coordinator and Peer Supervisor, Gallia County Health Department-WIC Program and 2015 BS Leadership Grad

Stephanie Carroll, BS, IBCLC, CLC, CLS

I originally started in Union’s Maternal Child Health: Lactation Consulting program to earn my IBCLC certification (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), one of my main goals when choosing Union. I obtained the credential before graduating from the Lactation Consulting program, but I wanted a wider variety of knowledge, so I changed my major to Leadership to finish out my bachelor’s program. Boy, am I glad that I did! I loved the Lactation program dearly, but I was also excited about what I could achieve in the Leadership program. 

The Leadership major at Union really helped me develop into a great leader – someone with knowledge, but also drive and compassion. Many people believe that leading is simply managing, but it is so much more than that. Successful leaders encourage others to work together toward a common cause. I believe Union Institute & University professors are motivating and creating many new leaders who will positively affect our society. 

The program was unique because my classmates were from different backgrounds and careers. I learned so much from them. We were posed various situations and asked how we, as leaders, would react to them.

I just returned from a breastfeeding conference where I gave a presentation to 275 women. It was an honor to be a speaker there, something I never thought would happen. This program has already changed my life in many ways. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, attentive experience as I had with my advisors and professors. I feel honored to be a part of Union’s alumni family.