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Spotlight: Criminal Justice Management

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National Police Week allows opportunity to spotlight the Union Institute & University Criminal Justice Management degree program


Spotlight on the

Criminal Justice Management Program

The Union Institute & University Criminal Justice Management degree program is designed for the working law enforcement officer because it differs from other programs in one important way – the curriculum was designed by law enforcement professionals for law enforcement professionals.


Not only is the curriculum designed by specialists, but the courses within the program are taught by experts in the field who have experienced the various levels of chain of command from line employees, to support personnel, to supervisors. Eric Higgins, City of Covington, Police Detective and Union adjunct professor, explains how a college degree benefits the law enforcement officer. 

“Police departments and police academies do a very good job of training officers to shoot guns, drive in tough conditions, gain knowledge of the law and learn self-defense tactics. It takes weeks upon weeks for someone to master those skills, which leaves very little time for interpersonal communications. This is why a college degree and college experience is so important. A college education will offer life experiences, different ways to look at things and knowledge in a field of study. This is why police departments are putting an emphasis on having a college education, not just for the knowledge a person gets studying criminal justice but the life experiences that come from interacting with others who come from different walks of life or think differently than you,” said Higgins.

Every course has a management aspect in the delivery that is fundamental for the officer who wants to move up the career ladder into management. 

“After just two weeks into my first course at Union Institute & University, I was extremely inspired and motivated to complete my degree. In March 2013, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Not only did Union Institute & University assist me in reaching my educational goal, but it also assisted me in obtaining the rank of Police Lieutenant,” said Frederick H. Bobbitt, 2013 graduate.

In addition to the service delivery from a management point of view, classes interpret and describe how current issues in the field impact organizations, personnel, community and other stakeholders. “With the knowledge students gain by studying criminal justice they put themselves in a position to influence the communities they live in, especially if they want to work in the criminal justice field. Knowledge is power and the power one gets from a better understanding of the criminal justice system will help us move forward as a society and lessen the tensions that currently exist,” said Higgins. 

It is a pleasure to salute over 2,247 law enforcement professionals who hold a Criminal Justice Management degree from Union Institute & University, and over 30 graduates who have continued up the ranks to become Chiefs of Police, Assistant Chiefs, or Sheriffs.

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