Union Institute for Social Justice wants your input

Union Institute for Social Justice (UISJ) has been established to further propel Union’s commitment to promote social justice and equity. President Karen Schuster Webb has envisioned the Institute since being named president in July 2018.

Since 1964, Union Institute & University has focused on academic excellence, creativity, diversity, integrity, and applied theory to practice, In the future, Union can be a beacon for social justice. As an international university, Union recognizes that with knowledge comes the responsibility to serve in advancing a culturally pluralistic, equitable, and interdependent world. We speak of equality; prize all aspects of diversity, and live a commitment to an innovative teaching and learning culture that promotes the common good.

The Union Institute for Social Justice was created in 2018 as a signature initiative of Dr. Karen Schuster Webb’s presidency, and in its global outreach, returns Union to its roots as a university without walls. The Union Institute for Social Justice gives voice and action to the primary descriptor of the University’s name, “Institute.” The mission for the UISJ is to apply theory to practice through scholar-practitioners, philanthropists, policymakers, and other leaders who are committed to promoting social justice and equity in the United States and globally through research, education and policy.

“Union is a world-class university with a distinguished social justice legacy,” said Dr. Webb. “This is the right time to continue the advancement and promotion of a culturally pluralistic, equitable, and interdependent world with the establishment of the Union Institute for Social Justice,” said Dr. Webb.

Dr. Webb welcomes the ideas of the Union community and its external constituents to support this new innovative department.

“Always remember that together, we are a beloved community, and we are Union Strong!” Dr. Webb says. “Wherever you are,” “I ask you to consider the following question, ‘What can we do to advance social justice?’”

Please email your ideas and solutions to Susan.Grace@myunion.edu.

Learn more about the UISJ at this link.