Union Institute & University Celebrates Employees

UI&U is thankful for the many dedicated employees that make Union a special place to work. The contributions of employees celebrating milestone anniversaries were recognized on April 20.

President Sublett expressed his thanks to staff with the following tribute.

“I express appreciation to each of our colleagues celebrating this year, and am happy Union can recognize their contributions to the university today.

Each of the people we recognized has an amazing story of commitment and service to our students and to their fellow employees. It is inspiring for me to serve with you each day. Honestly, I really enjoying walking into this beautiful building each morning, and into our centers in Florida, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Brattleboro on my visits, and celebrate the accomplishments of all who have served before us.

You have heard me say, ‘We all drink from wells we did not dig and warm ourselves by fires we did not build. Each of you has picked up the mantle of service of those who served before us, and you do a GREAT job each day!”

Congratulations to our colleagues celebrating milestone anniversaries across the country. They include:

Five Years
Name Position Location
Rebecca Carr Financial Aid Counselor Cincinnati
Renee Cave Receptionist Cincinnati
Susan Grace President’s Executive Administrative Assistant Cincinnati
Allison Kurre Program Advisor Sacramento
Shawn McCollum Assistant Director for IT Cincinnati
Theresa Warren Application Analyst Cincinnati
Ten Years
Name Position Location
Jonathan Eskridge Instructional Designer Cincinnati
Kathleen Fryman Academic Records Data Coordinator Cincinnati
Bill Lax Dean, Psy.D. programs Director, MSOL program Brattleboro
Barbara Lynch Administrative Assistant to Dean Brattleboro
Gary Mueller Network Admin Cincinnati
Michael Raffanti Dean, PH.D. program Oregon
Fifteen Years
Name Position Location
Neal Meier Director, Alumni Relations Vermont
Matthew Pappathan Director of Library Services Brattleboro
Sharon Sprague Program Director, Bachelor of Arts program Vermont
Twenty Years
Name Position Location
Carolyn Krause VP, Advancement & Executive Assistant to President Cincinnati
Twenty-five Years
Name Position Location
Angela Byles Assistant Dean Florida
Thirty Years
Name Position Location
Jean McKiernan Associate Registrar Cincinnati
Jean Pohlman Director, Financial Aid Cincinnati
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