Your Giving Changes Lives

Students throughout the Union community are grateful to the generous support of our donors. Your gift supports our students in the mission to engage, enlighten, and empower a lifetime of learning and service.

Alumnae Lisa Newton said the Eugene P. Ruehlmann Fellowship for Public Service was lifesaving. “The scholarship was the difference between me finishing my Ph.D. and losing hope.”

Your legacy lives forever through our students who have the tenacity to return to finish the education they once started; who seek to enhance the careers they have chosen; and who want to become more equipped to engage in the struggle for social justice.

Giving options include the following:

One scholarship unique to Union Institute & University is the Women in Union (WIU) program. The program provides scholarships to single, head-of-household women to provide financial assistance as they obtain a college degree.

WIU recipient Carliss Green says, “I was 16 when I dropped out of high school. The only jobs available to me were low paying. I watched as coworkers with college degrees pursued careers that brought higher pay, benefits, self-respect, and self-confidence. At the age of 51, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. I became a role model to my children and I have followed my path to help the less fortunate. I am living proof it is never too late to follow your dreams.”

When you give, you make a Union education affordable, accessible, and increasingly more relevant in today’s world. Your giving changes lives.

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Thank you for all you do for the Union community.

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